Saturday, July 13, 2013

Delays, Interruptions and Distractions

So life has been happening all around me, keeping me out of the sewing room! The only thing I have gotten finished in the last month are a few owl purses and hats and one Round Robin border! Instead I have been working in the yard (weeding, picking strawberries, weeding, picking raspberries, weeding, etc.), working on various projects at work, and last weekend I started painting the garden shed that was our big project last summer. By last Saturday I had almost finished the first coat of primer on the whole thing, using 4 gallons of paint, and then we spent several days with my father-in-law. 

On Monday, I made plans to make a quick drive across the state and back hauling our utility trailer to pick up our new bed that my brother-in-law and nephew made for us. I went to the garden shed to get a small ice chest from the loft and I fell off the ladder. Not sure what happened but it just fell over and I went down. My left foot really hurt and I went to Urgent Care. The doc there showed me the little chips that came off one of the bones in my foot and said it should be treated like a sprain with RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. So I have spent almost all my time since then on the couch with a pile of pillows under my foot. 
This is about all I have been looking at! My niece is thinking Miss Lucy might be to blame for the accident so she could have me home and available for lots of cuddles! I did go to work on Thursday in order to get the Sunday worship materials finished up but then it was back to the couch! I have an appointment with my GP on Monday so we will see how things are progressing. I think it is getting better but still can't put any weight on it at all!

We had a bit of a health scare with Lucy this past month. She turned 13 in February and has been slowing down quite a bit. The vet told me a couple of years ago that Lucy had a heart murmur and that it would continue to get worse and it seemed that it was. It got to a point where she was really in pretty bad shape so we went to the vet and he put her on some heart meds and a cough suppressant and in just a couple of weeks she has become her old self, even barking at vehicles coming in the yard and trotting around!

Well, I hope to get more done in the sewing room soon but that will have to be worked in around that trip to get our new bed, taking care of the grandkids, work and of course, lots of rest so my foot will heal!