Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Day At Home

I had a great day today! I got to stay home for almost the whole day! I headed to the church to help get things set up for tomorrow morning - The Christmas Program! Needed to make sure the handbell tables were set up before all the chairs were put out. 

I came home and made 48 cupcakes for Birthday Party for Jesus following the program tomorrow. Then I got started on various projects. The first was hanging this print. 
I got it at the bazaar a couple of weeks ago. My daughter told me I could only buy it if I promised to tidy up the grandkids' bedroom. I did that a couple of days ago. I sorted through all the toys and books and as you can see, I even have one empty cubby!
It was so great to be in the sewing room again. I quilted the butterfly quilt I put together at quilt retreat in October and got the binding ready for hand sewing. I also transfered name patches from an old pair of hubby's coveralls to a new pair and ironed several pieces of fabric that I had pre-washed. I am hoping to do more in the sewing room over then next week or so but we will see what actually happens. There are still holiday preparations that need to be taken care of. I should probably put up the tree since the grandkids will be here after Christmas.

I forgot to take a picture of the 9 owl hats before I sent them so I asked my niece, Sarah, to send a picture when she got them and here they are.  
I have the first of the next three all done and all the parts ready for the other two. 

Our son and 'grand-dog' arrived home today for the holidays so things should get interesting. I am trying to talk him into helping me get photos scanned onto a computer. I told him it could be his Christmas present to me but he wasn't sure I was worth that much!

Monday, December 10, 2012

9 Owls Flying

I am so excited! I got the 9 owl hats in the mail this morning! So happy to have them done. I even have three more ready for eyes, beak, etc. Meanwhile, I haven't gotten a whole lot else done! 

I have started working on the business computer work and I have done some cleaning around the house. Today I cleaned up the grandkid's room. It is ready for Christmas company. A few items went up in the attic and while up there I looked through some old frames I have and found some surprises. One might even be a Christmas present. Unfortunately I didn't find a frame for a cute old picture I got at the bazaar. Guess I have to go shopping! 

Tomorrow is work and then a haircut, some shopping and dinner with niece, Katie. I will also be getting my completed blocks for the round robin. Should be a good day!

I hope to do a little work in the sewing room soon on a couple of Christmas gifts. I really want to get busy with some quilting! It has been a while since I did anything at all!