Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to regular life

I had fun yesterday in my sewing room! I just couldn't resist since it was so tidy! I got started on my ALQS quiltlet. I had already decided on the fabrics I was going to use - a grab bag given to me by a friend after a road trip she took - so I just had to decide on a pattern. I looked through my faves on flickr and decided on 3D pinwheels. I got it all cut out and the top put together and got a back out of the leftover fabric. I pin-basted it thinking I would hand quilt it but after several tries last night I changed my mind and this morning I machine quilted it. Had to be careful so I didn't catch the little flaps of the pinwheels. Now I have the binding on ready for hand-sewing at craft night tonight.

Today I have several errands to do so not sure I will get much more done but one never knows. I will have to get my laundry folded before I can be allowed to have fun though!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a weekend!

We had such a good time the last 4 days with Larry's sister and her husband. They flew in from Ft Collins CO on Thursday and as we were giving them the grand tour of the farm, our daughter and her two little ones drove up also. We spent the rest of Thursday visiting and enjoying the grandkids. Cathy loved her quilt and ended up taking home another small quilt I had that was in colors she likes and I am not a huge fan of - a win/win situation!

Thursday was a bit rainy but Friday a good weather day was predicted. Those weather people got it right for once! We took the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle and it was really pretty warm even out on the deck. We got to Seattle in time for lunch at Ivar's Acres of Clams and had time left on the meter to do a little looking around at the World Famous Ye Olde Curiosity Shop (a must for every tourist!). We then all piled back in the faithful minivan and managed to find the Space Needle - doesn't seem like it should be too hard but those hills in Seattle can hide anything - and the Seattle Center. We found a parking spot in a lot and headed up the symbol of the 1962 World's Fair. What a gorgeous day! It was almost too hot up there on the sunny side and we could see the mountains to the east and the west! Did a little souvenir shopping and then headed home in rush hour traffic which wasn't as bad as it can be! The kids did so well, GS was well behaved in the restaurant and never complained in the car and the little GD just slept and ate the whole time!

We got home around 7 and by 9:30 we were all in bed - pooped!

Saturday morning was again beautiful so we headed out again. This time thinking we would look at a few antique shops and find a beach somewhere. We managed to hit one shop before the menfolk and the nursing mother felt it was time to head to Red Robin for lunch. The boy was again very good in the restaurant - unlike the child whose mother took him out screaming not one, not two but three times!

As you can see we found the beach over at Twanoh State Park. The boy first got his feet wet, then he ended up laying face down in the water, playing with the rocks. We stripped off his shirt and once he got over being shirtless he enjoyed the beach. Before going back in the car he was stripped down and redressed in a dry diaper and a shirt. At our next stop - a thrift store, his mom found a pair of pants for him - thank goodness he is a skinny boy! We stopped at a couple more shops and at the last one hubby found a sewing machine he just couldn't resist. It is a model 66 from 1941 in a cabinet. The cabinet is actually the same as the one for my mother's 301 but does have a locking drawer. I also found a cute lamp to hang over the head of the iron bed frame that got painted this summer.

We got home early enough yesterday to see the mountain (Mt. Rainier, for all you who have never been here) glowing in the sunset and then have a wonderful grilled salmon dinner.

Today we had to leave at about 9:30 to get to the airport and the kids left at the same time. They should have had a wonderful view of the mountain as they took off from Sea-Tac. Hubby and I got home and within about half an hour I had everything pretty well cleaned up and the first load of laundry in the washer!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In the washer

I just finished the quilt and it is in the washer getting crinkly!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Getting Ready

So far in my quest to have a house that won't embarrass me for company I have not gotten too far. Yesterday I canned the beans I picked on Sunday and I did get my computer room tidied a bit. The shelves now have toys and books where the grandson can get at them but other things are put higher!.

Today the dog goes to the groomer and I hope to get a good start on the sewing room so tomorrow I can do some baking. Unfortunately that includes ironing!

I am getting close with the SIL quilt. I just have three more sides of the border - very simple pattern that goes fast - that have to be done. If I get the two smaller inner borders done too that will be gravy and not necessary.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


It was brought to my attention this evening that I have neglected to propery acknowledge the receipt of my August Hand Sewn Mini Quilt from Beth. Isn't it great? It looks very cute hanging on the wall in my computer/guest room. Along with it was a quarter yard of a blue and white print that I am sure will come in handy. Thanks again Beth!

A day of rest

Sort of, I still had to answer calls for the business but I decided this was a day for me to do what I wanted instead of something I had to do.

I finished off my next SFRR2 task. It turned out really well. Don't mind the little threads in the picture - why is it you never see them until you take a picture - they are gone now!

Last night at craft night Linnea gave Nadine her finished birthday present (she gave her the top a couple of months ago on her birthday but finished the quilting and binding Monday) and gave me the leftover triangles (sewn together into squares) from the project. She made another quilt from this pattern a year or so ago in blue and white and gave me the leftovers from that and I made this little quilt. Each of the little sampler blocks is only a little over 2" square and the whole quilt is about 25" square. So after I finished the SFRR2 task I decided I would at least press the little squares open ready for trimming. I think I will be making a mini quilt for Nadine using them. Not sure how it will be put together but I am sure it will be lovely! That might be one of my quilt retreat projects for next month.

I finished off the day with hand quilting in front of the TV. I got quite a ways further on the quilt and it now feels doable to have it done for next Thursday!

Monday my daughter called to tell me she had been in a car accident with the kids. Luckily, only the car was hurt and my babies are fine - all three of them! She also said she was thinking about coming over next weekend so she can see her aunt and uncle while they are visiting. That means we will have a full house but it will be lots of fun and I get to show off my grandbabies! Always a bonus!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Windows to my world

Today I finished up another big project. Yesterday and today I scraped and 'Goof-Off-ed' all the window frames and washed them on the outside. Then I also cleaned all the windows and door windows inside and out. I also cleaned all the screen frames and they are back in place. I must admit that while I do not feel that clean windows are a must - they do look nice! Now I can focus a bit more inside the house and that is another big project! In just 9 days this house, especially the sewing room/guest room, needs to look decent inside. Yikes! I am not out to impress - just not be too embarrassed!

Sunday I pressed all the fabric that I got prewashed a week or so ago. Most of it was the garage sale fabric I got in Pullman and the rest was for SFRR2 projects and a baby carrier.

I have made progress on the hand quilting and I have even designed the first border for my next SFRR2 project. Now I just need to get it finished and in the mail this week. I might just run in and do it now so I can mark it off my list!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I went back over my posts since I started painting and that is the guestimate of how much time I spent painting the house! It could be a little more and it could be a little less but that is like more than 3 forty-hour work weeks! WOW! It seemed like it took forever but I thought that was mostly because of rain delays and traveling but evidently it was also a lot of time! I guess I really do deserve that massage!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It is finished!

Okay, I actually have to do the trim around the screen door on the back of the house - somehow I totally spaced that when I was finishing up the trim this morning - and I even had extra time before my pedicure appointment so I could have done it! I figured it out when I was going around touching up the green this afternoon so now it will wait for tomorrow. On Monday the gutter people are coming to measure things and hopefully it will be all done in a week or so.

In celebration, I plan to spend tomorrow in my sewing room playing!

Friday, September 12, 2008


My daughter, son-in-law and grandkids are visiting his folks this weekend so as they are out of cell phone range and only have slow dial-up at his parents house, we just won't really hear from them until Sunday evening or Monday. So, I decided to post a couple of pictures of them to keep a smile on my face.

This first one is my little granddaughter, Clara. She is now nine weeks old and just too adorable (in my opinion)! She is shown here modeling her new sweater, knit by her mother! Now, you might not be amazed by this but let me explain that my daughter was not really the domestic type until just recently. She did learn how to sew, knit and crochet as a child but she just wasn't interested. Give her a book (or a pile of books) and she was happy as a clam. She recently figured out that she was reading Tolkien sometime around 3rd grade! Now she is making quilts, baby carriers, clothes for the kids and knitting - from a pattern, no less! She still reads like crazy too, when she gets a chance!

Our next model is sporting his new buzz haircut and climbing on farm equipment - his favorite type of jungle gym! This shot was taken at the county fair last week. In another shot you can see the ferris wheel and other rides in the background but he is happiest right where he is! He is just 4 months from his 3rd birthday but is hoping his tractor driver's license will come through any day! He has recently started demanding that his mom call Grammy on the phone so he can chat. He is even starting to hold up his side of the conversation a little.

Finally, I will leave you with a shot of the first two sides of the house that are completely painted! I have the back long side finished with one coat and will work on getting totally finished over the weekend. Speaking of finishing - I guess I had better get out there and get to work!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yard Art or Lawn Tacky?

Hubby came home with two 'new' appliances the other day. The Maytag wringer washer has seen better days and will probably end up as a planter next spring. I have a fuchsia that has survived the summer with now water in our Costco carport and is even blooming so I think this might be its new home. The agitator and transmission need to come out so it will drain and then I might get to planting.

The refrigerator is a 1942 GE in wonderful shape and it actually cools! It will be moved up onto the deck once it gets checked out and will be used for beverages mostly. Quite handy for summer parties!

The trim painting is really beating me up! I have two sides done and one coat on the third. Tomorrow I will get the first coat on the fourth side & in the entry and then start with the second coat on that third side. I might even be done with the trim on Saturday if all goes well! Then I will need to touch up the green a bit. My next project will be cleaning paint off of windows and just cleaning all the windows, inside and out. - Lucky me!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Little Trim

I got started early yesterday so hubby could help me get the ladder set up over the bay window to primer some trim. I then went on to finish the first coat on two sides and start on the next one but my back and the rest of my body was complaining so I quit at about 1 pm - still about 5 hours! Today I should be able to get the second coat on the two sides and will try to do more first coat but bending backwards to get that under-the-eaves stuff is wearing! Along with setting up the ladder, climbing up, painting (in aforementioned position), climbing down, moving the ladder, repeat, repeat, repeat... Then, you can also throw in dropping the brush from 15-20 feet up a couple of times!

It is looking good though with the bright white instead of the dingy white with green oopsies! Maybe I will get a picture this afternoon of the part that is done.

I have been working hard on the SIL quilt hand quilting after I get cleaned up from painting so that is coming along - just two weeks left till it must be done though!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The green is done!

Well, at least until we find a little spot of yellow or white peeking through! Or there might be touch-ups after the trim is done. BUT, the major painting is all done and I just have the trim! That will commence tomorrow - today I feel like a movie and some popcorn!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

WooHoo! All green...

still needs a second coat on the stuff that just got green today but that isn't too much more! I also keep forgetting that I have to paint inside the entry way but the last of the siding is just going in there now so it will need two coats of primer on the new cedar and then two coats of paint on two walls. But from a distance - it looks good!

say goodbye to yellow

Here you can see that I just have one more large section of yellow to cover up. I plan to get out and do that today though it is a bit cloudy and cool right now. Maybe tomorrow I will get the second coat on this last section and then I just have trim work. If I am feeling crazy today I will attempt to get the little section of yellow above the deck roof that you can see here. Hubby is supposed to take down the gutters today or tomorrow and then all the trim will be uncovered. I still have one board that needs primering but will need special ladder work (i.e. Hubby must hold the ladder while I am up there I think).

Only three weeks till my sister-in-law arrives and I have lots of quilting to do so that has to be my focus in the sewing department! Though I need to do the first border on a SFRR2 before the 21st! I went to the LQS yesterday and got some fabrics to use with it so now I just need to come up with an awesome idea for it. Usually the deciding part takes much longer than the actual cutting and sewing part!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Moving right along!

Yesterday I did the second coat on the section I painted on Wednesday and made it a little further with the first coat. Today I will move on with the first coat. I could have this side done this week but I am not counting on it. I think Larry will be taking down the gutters this weekend so I can paint where they were and next week we can have new ones put on. So the next time it rains we shouldn't hear the drip, drip, drip or the water falls that we have been hearing!

I have also made some progress on my CWC (Cathedral Window Charm) quilt. Now it is time to get to work on more of the blue squares. Amy is sending me a few yellow squares from her stash (around 200, I think!) for me to use if they will work and I will be picking some up from Kristy also. So a HUGE Thank You to both of them! I also need to go through my stash and see what is there. Luckily I only need 2" squares so my scrap bin should be a great resource!

Well, I guess it is time to get outside and paint! My old body will sure be glad when this marathon painting is done!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quilts and Paint

Tuesday after getting back home from our long weekend, I got laundry started, put things away, checked emails and blogs, even posted here. Then, around 7:30 I was sitting down to do some quilting in front of the TV and suddenly realized it was TUESDAY! CRAFT NIGHT! I almost missed it! Luckily, it occurs next door so I could get then in just a few minutes! I grabbed the Cathedral Window project and headed over. In the midst of chatting I did get several panes of yellow added. This past weekend has really messed with my sense of time!

Yesterday I got back to painting. 6 HOURS worth! I got a good start on the last side of the house and hope to second coat that and get a bit further with the first coat today. Tomorrow will be a short day because I will be heading into town at about 2 to help hubby install a glass cooktop on a customer's range. He doesn't get too many people who want the job done because the tops are expensive on their own - $200+ and it is a labor intensive job so that adds up to a new range for most people!

I have been working on my SIL quilt and finished off the triangles around the edges. Now I need to create the design for the rectangles - there are 80 of those. Then I will do the center squares of each block (20) and then just the border is left for sure, though if things go well I might add more hand quilting.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And the winner is...

yellow! Yes, I decided to go with my favorite color combination for the Cathedral Window Quilt project. I realized as I worked on it this weekend that I don't have to start in the middle - I can actually start in one corner. It is much easier to add the window panes if you don't have a lot of bulk to work with. So I finished off two edges and started doing the panes using some yellows from my daughter's stash since I was at her house. I am liking the look and now need to start going through my stash to find different yellows. If anyone is interested in swapping some fabric squares, please leave a comment so I can get in touch with you. I need 2" squares in yellows. These can be pastels, brights, orange-yellows. Then can have some other colors in them but I want yellow to be the dominate color, though yellow and blue prints are ok. The plan is to have no two panes the same.

My daughter and I (with grandkids in tow) went to a garage sale that advertised quilt fabric. It was priced surprisingly low and I ended up spending $10 for 5 or 6 gallon ziploc bags full. One bag had scraps of batiks and one had 39 1.5" WOF strips. The batiks must have been left over from a batik quilt and there are some triangles and some squares and then various other scraps. I am thinking I will kind of lay it all out and see if I can put them all together in an interesting fashion - otherwise, they will go in with the rest of my scraps!

I am thinking I will combine these strips with some neutral strips and make a scrappy log cabin quilt. I am not sure how many blocks I will get but whatever I get will determine the size of the quilt! I have never made a log cabin so this might be a good time to try one - WAIT! I did make two Colorado Log Cabin quilts for my husband's brother and sister so I guess I am just revisiting the pattern! So, if anyone knows of another good pattern to use scrappy strips for, let me know, and maybe I will try that instead!