Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to regular life

I had fun yesterday in my sewing room! I just couldn't resist since it was so tidy! I got started on my ALQS quiltlet. I had already decided on the fabrics I was going to use - a grab bag given to me by a friend after a road trip she took - so I just had to decide on a pattern. I looked through my faves on flickr and decided on 3D pinwheels. I got it all cut out and the top put together and got a back out of the leftover fabric. I pin-basted it thinking I would hand quilt it but after several tries last night I changed my mind and this morning I machine quilted it. Had to be careful so I didn't catch the little flaps of the pinwheels. Now I have the binding on ready for hand-sewing at craft night tonight.

Today I have several errands to do so not sure I will get much more done but one never knows. I will have to get my laundry folded before I can be allowed to have fun though!


TLC said...

Cute quilt and I love the colors!

ROZ said...

What a lovely quilt, and I can't beleive how quickly you made it!