Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quilts and Paint

Tuesday after getting back home from our long weekend, I got laundry started, put things away, checked emails and blogs, even posted here. Then, around 7:30 I was sitting down to do some quilting in front of the TV and suddenly realized it was TUESDAY! CRAFT NIGHT! I almost missed it! Luckily, it occurs next door so I could get then in just a few minutes! I grabbed the Cathedral Window project and headed over. In the midst of chatting I did get several panes of yellow added. This past weekend has really messed with my sense of time!

Yesterday I got back to painting. 6 HOURS worth! I got a good start on the last side of the house and hope to second coat that and get a bit further with the first coat today. Tomorrow will be a short day because I will be heading into town at about 2 to help hubby install a glass cooktop on a customer's range. He doesn't get too many people who want the job done because the tops are expensive on their own - $200+ and it is a labor intensive job so that adds up to a new range for most people!

I have been working on my SIL quilt and finished off the triangles around the edges. Now I need to create the design for the rectangles - there are 80 of those. Then I will do the center squares of each block (20) and then just the border is left for sure, though if things go well I might add more hand quilting.

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