Saturday, September 6, 2008

say goodbye to yellow

Here you can see that I just have one more large section of yellow to cover up. I plan to get out and do that today though it is a bit cloudy and cool right now. Maybe tomorrow I will get the second coat on this last section and then I just have trim work. If I am feeling crazy today I will attempt to get the little section of yellow above the deck roof that you can see here. Hubby is supposed to take down the gutters today or tomorrow and then all the trim will be uncovered. I still have one board that needs primering but will need special ladder work (i.e. Hubby must hold the ladder while I am up there I think).

Only three weeks till my sister-in-law arrives and I have lots of quilting to do so that has to be my focus in the sewing department! Though I need to do the first border on a SFRR2 before the 21st! I went to the LQS yesterday and got some fabrics to use with it so now I just need to come up with an awesome idea for it. Usually the deciding part takes much longer than the actual cutting and sewing part!

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