Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Windows to my world

Today I finished up another big project. Yesterday and today I scraped and 'Goof-Off-ed' all the window frames and washed them on the outside. Then I also cleaned all the windows and door windows inside and out. I also cleaned all the screen frames and they are back in place. I must admit that while I do not feel that clean windows are a must - they do look nice! Now I can focus a bit more inside the house and that is another big project! In just 9 days this house, especially the sewing room/guest room, needs to look decent inside. Yikes! I am not out to impress - just not be too embarrassed!

Sunday I pressed all the fabric that I got prewashed a week or so ago. Most of it was the garage sale fabric I got in Pullman and the rest was for SFRR2 projects and a baby carrier.

I have made progress on the hand quilting and I have even designed the first border for my next SFRR2 project. Now I just need to get it finished and in the mail this week. I might just run in and do it now so I can mark it off my list!

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ROZ said...

Oh my gosh! Well, I did vacuum the living room, and sew the binding on a wall hanging. that's mostly it.