Friday, June 7, 2013

Relay Wrap-up, Grad Quilts, Yard Work

I made it through Relay last weekend! And making it is a good description. We started setting up at 3 pm on Friday and then took everything down at noon on Saturday. In between there was lots of walking and very little sleeping! As of today our team raised over $3900! Pretty happy about that! Personally I raised over $2000. That is a lot of owl hats, owl purses, quilts and other crafts!

Yesterday I finished the grad quilts. Here are the two denim ones.
And here is one of the two plaid/flannel ones. The other has already been given to its new owner.
As for the yard work I have been plugging away at the flower bed and finally got the weeding done there. I am hoping to get a load of bark delivered soon to get it covered to avoid doing all that weeding again next year! 

I have also been working in the garden some. I weeded the radishes, carrots and onions yesterday. I pulled some of the radishes to thin them some and planted beans and the starts of cucumbers/squash that I planted a few weeks ago and some more carrots and brussel sprouts. I also planted the boysenberry plants I bought at a garage sale a few weeks ago.

Today I got started on some more flower beds. I did some rearranging of plants to better spots and tried again to get rid of that ornamental grass that was one of my worst gardening decisions ever! I will keep trying though!