Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Relay Day!

(not sure what happened but this never got posted I guess so better late than never!)

My husband and I spent Memorial Day weekend with our kids. This involved a drive across the state and an even longer drive home due to traffic issues! But we did have a great time with everyone! We were missing the grandkids so it was great to spend 2 1/2 days with them. We are looking forward to having them here with us for a week soon. As a bonus we got to see my sister and her husband and their second son!

Before leaving I got these two baby quilts finished. I just need to let the person who commissioned them pick which one she wants and then get the label on it.
Here is a close up of the quilting - a meander with little flowers. It isn't as obvious on the front of the quilt but it adds a lot to the back!
I got this hat in the mail to my niece just before we left. I am hoping she is happy with it. 
I have had a request for another owl hat so I need to get yarn in the right colors and then I can get it going. Maybe that will be something I can work on during Relay.

Yes, our local Relay for Life is this weekend - starting at 6 this evening. As co-captain of our team I will be there at 3 to get our site set up and will probably stay through the night until the closing ceremony at 2 tomorrow. I have almost met my fund-raising goal but would appreciate any donations to help in the fight against cancer. I am walking to honor all cancer survivors and in memory of all who have lost their battle against cancer, especially my brother, mother-in-law and sister-in law. You can donate online right here.

I got the purple top basted and quilted yesterday and I am about half way around on the binding. I would love to have it done Sunday so I can deliver it to my customer but that will depend on whether I get any sleep tonight at Relay! I will post a picture when it is done.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Project with the kids

I have the grandkids this week and my grandson has been wanting to do some sewing with me. I had a lot of little pieces of fabric leftover with fusible web on it so I decided we would use them up and the kids could make some blocks for a quilt for each of them. Layden chose lime green and Clara chose pink for the background colors. We have a fun rainbow stripe for the backs. Here they are laying out the pieces of fabric on one of their blocks.
That was this morning and this afternoon we worked on washing the travel trailer. It was terrible and now it is less terrible but not great!

Tomorrow we hit the county fair for rides and fair food! Should be a fun day, especially since I have my niece, Katie here to help me out!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

Last week I was pleased to get all the quilts finished that needed to be finished. The first two finish were these two comfort quilts. Once things settle down I hope to get some 'guy' ones and kid ones done also.
Wednesday evening I brought home the last pieces for the Summer Fun Night quilt and on Thursday afternoon and Friday I got it all put together, quilted and bound. I finished the binding on Saturday evening. We will find out who gets to take it home next Sunday at the church picnic.
Thursday morning my two friends and I helped the daycare kids tie the quilt. They had a good time and so did we! I came home and got it trimmed and bound and got the binding finished Friday evening. We started selling the drawing tickets for it on Sunday morning. The drawing will be held sometime in late September or early October.
Friday afternoon my daughter and the kids arrived full of energy. We have been busy since! Saturday after a haircut for the granddaughter we stopped by the bluegrass festival to see what was happening and to see the quilt hanging on the stage. Forgot my camera so I will have to wait until the official photos are posted on the website. It was our first really hot day this summer (I know, it is August!) so we didn't hang around too long. 

Craft night is cancelled for tomorrow so the kids and I are going to do some crafting tomorrow. I have the leftover fabrics with fusible web on them from the summer fun night quilt so I am going to let them each create a quilt and hopefully, I can get them finished before I take them home next Monday.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ready to Hang

Here is the Geese Atop Your Cabin quilt all finished. Today I put a hanging sleeve on it and this coming weekend it will hang on the stage at our local bluegrass festival.
I finished all the painting over the weekend so that today I treated myself to a day with no 'hard' work. Instead I added borders to a quilt and then got two quilts basted and quilted this afternoon. One of them got the binding on it also and the other should get its binding tomorrow. 

Later in the week things will get a bit crazy. Wednesday is the last summer fun night at church so I will need to get the quilt finished right after that. Then on Thursday we will be tying the quilt with the daycare kids and I will need to get the binding on that and have it ready by Monday so the kids can see it finished and we can start selling drawing tickets. We are using it to raise money to help defray the freight costs for LWR quilts, health kits and school kits.

On top of all that my daughter and the grandkids and granddog will be arriving on Friday. My daughter is spending the weekend so she can attend her 10 year high school reunion and the kids will stay through next week. My grandson is starting Kindergarten the week after that so this will be their last week long stay for awhile. It is amazing how quickly they grow up!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Not much sewing

But I have done some work! My niece, Brita, came for a week's visit to help me get some things done. Our main job was getting two rows of raspberries and the weeds in between dug up and cleaned out and the berries replanted. We got that done in two days and this is the best this garden has looked in probably over 10 years! 
We also helped my hubby get the pine T&G up on the ceiling in the garage. It was definitely easier putting up 16' boards with three people! With this up we were able to order our new garage door.
Since we got the important work done I took Brita and her big sister, Katie, to Seattle to watch the Blue Angels doing some practice for the air show over the Seafair hydroplane races. We were sitting dangling our feet in Lake Washington close to the pits where the boats are put in the water for racing and I posted on Facebook that we were sitting there and a guy I went to high school with and now works security in the pits came out and invited us in for a tour of the pits. That was the first time I had ever been in the pits though I lived within a few miles of the race course my whole childhood. The Oh Boy! Oberto was coming into the pits and I snapped this shot of the girls as it went by.
It turns out it was the Oberto that won on Sunday!

We had a lot of fun and Brita did get a top quilted while she was here and finished the bindings on it and another quilt she brought with her. Katie and I managed to each get two blocks done for our round robin. We are both now done with all our obligations and it looks like the reveal will be in October sometime.

Today I started painting all the new construction on the outside of the garage and got the first coat of primer on. After resting up for a bit I did get a back made for the Geese Atop Your Cabin quilt top that I made and got it basted so maybe I will get it quilted tomorrow after getting the next coat of primer done. I need to get this one finished this week as it will be hanging on the stage at our local Bluegrass Festival on the 20th.