Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Deed Has Been Done

Surgery, that is. 

Once surgery was scheduled I had to get busy and get things done in preparation. The weather didn't cooperate too much but I did get the apple trees pruned (yes, I used a ladder while wearing a walking boot) and I got some yard clean-up done. I also got some extra work done at the office so taking time off wouldn't be too bad. Then I tackled some sewing room work. I got some quilting done so I would have 2 bindings to do and then got some other projects prepared for hand-sewing. 

Last Tuesday, my husband and I headed to Seattle and celebrated our 32nd anniversary at a fancy hotel about 5 blocks from the hospital. At 8:30 the next morning I checked in at the hospital and the doctors and nurses took over. The surgery went well. They ended up having to cut my tibia to do the work on my talus so I have a plate and several screws holding that together along with two 'large' cadaver plugs and some grafting material in the talus. I had a nerve block to numb my foot following the procedure so I didn't have any pain that first night.

A young friend who lives in Seattle came for a visit since Larry had gone home to be ready for work on Thursday. She stayed until I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. 

I had some nausea Wednesday afternoon/evening but was able to eat some crackers followed by a sandwich that night. Slept well other than disruptions from the usual hospital stuff along with a roommate whose husband spent the night (he snored some). She had an ankle replacement and was on self-administered morphine. She continued to be nauseous and the husband was sure it was because she needed coffee because they are big coffee drinkers. It didn't matter that the nurses told them that morphine can cause stomach upset! I could have told them that from my experience two years ago following surgery!

In the morning I had a 'nice' breakfast and waited for Jakob to arrive to take me home. The doctors came in and showed me pictures (x-rays) of the before and after showing the hole and the plates and screws. I was told the numbness should start wearing off but it wasn't until about 11 or so that I could barely wiggle one toe! I hadn't been taking any pain meds since it didn't hurt but I had a couple of tylenol for the trip home, just in case.

When I got home my niece was here to hang out and to quilt some quilts. She had 11 basted and ready to go. She also brought along Jack, the dog she is baby-sitting. He is a long-haired chihuahua and is very sweet. Between Jack and Mandu I was well entertained with a veritable circus on me!

The numbness had worn off by bedtime so I took some oxycodone to ease that so I could sleep. Turns out, the reason you take that every 3 hours is because that is all the longer it lasts so I woke up every three hours needing another. 

In the morning I switched to tylenol but didn't have much pain. Mostly it gets uncomfortable after being in one position for too long and now I am off the meds totally. 

My knee scooter is the best thing - so much easier than crutches! Luckily when we remodeled the house we made sure the hall and doorways were wide for wheelchair options and it makes it very easy for me to get around. 

My husband, kids and friends have been wonderful taking care of me. Yesterday I even got to go to work for a couple of hours for staff meeting and a visit and then spent a while out on the deck in the sunshine.
I am glad I had the surgery so that hopefully I will have better, if not full, use of my ankle again but I do hate being laid up, especially in the spring when there is so much that could be done outside!