Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Little Trim

I got started early yesterday so hubby could help me get the ladder set up over the bay window to primer some trim. I then went on to finish the first coat on two sides and start on the next one but my back and the rest of my body was complaining so I quit at about 1 pm - still about 5 hours! Today I should be able to get the second coat on the two sides and will try to do more first coat but bending backwards to get that under-the-eaves stuff is wearing! Along with setting up the ladder, climbing up, painting (in aforementioned position), climbing down, moving the ladder, repeat, repeat, repeat... Then, you can also throw in dropping the brush from 15-20 feet up a couple of times!

It is looking good though with the bright white instead of the dingy white with green oopsies! Maybe I will get a picture this afternoon of the part that is done.

I have been working hard on the SIL quilt hand quilting after I get cleaned up from painting so that is coming along - just two weeks left till it must be done though!

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