Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yard Art or Lawn Tacky?

Hubby came home with two 'new' appliances the other day. The Maytag wringer washer has seen better days and will probably end up as a planter next spring. I have a fuchsia that has survived the summer with now water in our Costco carport and is even blooming so I think this might be its new home. The agitator and transmission need to come out so it will drain and then I might get to planting.

The refrigerator is a 1942 GE in wonderful shape and it actually cools! It will be moved up onto the deck once it gets checked out and will be used for beverages mostly. Quite handy for summer parties!

The trim painting is really beating me up! I have two sides done and one coat on the third. Tomorrow I will get the first coat on the fourth side & in the entry and then start with the second coat on that third side. I might even be done with the trim on Saturday if all goes well! Then I will need to touch up the green a bit. My next project will be cleaning paint off of windows and just cleaning all the windows, inside and out. - Lucky me!

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