Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A day of rest

Sort of, I still had to answer calls for the business but I decided this was a day for me to do what I wanted instead of something I had to do.

I finished off my next SFRR2 task. It turned out really well. Don't mind the little threads in the picture - why is it you never see them until you take a picture - they are gone now!

Last night at craft night Linnea gave Nadine her finished birthday present (she gave her the top a couple of months ago on her birthday but finished the quilting and binding Monday) and gave me the leftover triangles (sewn together into squares) from the project. She made another quilt from this pattern a year or so ago in blue and white and gave me the leftovers from that and I made this little quilt. Each of the little sampler blocks is only a little over 2" square and the whole quilt is about 25" square. So after I finished the SFRR2 task I decided I would at least press the little squares open ready for trimming. I think I will be making a mini quilt for Nadine using them. Not sure how it will be put together but I am sure it will be lovely! That might be one of my quilt retreat projects for next month.

I finished off the day with hand quilting in front of the TV. I got quite a ways further on the quilt and it now feels doable to have it done for next Thursday!

Monday my daughter called to tell me she had been in a car accident with the kids. Luckily, only the car was hurt and my babies are fine - all three of them! She also said she was thinking about coming over next weekend so she can see her aunt and uncle while they are visiting. That means we will have a full house but it will be lots of fun and I get to show off my grandbabies! Always a bonus!

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25 inches--unbelievable