Friday, October 3, 2008

One of Seven Done

One of my seven swap projects for this month is done! This is for Another Little Quilt Swap 2. It is all washed and crinkly and ready to mail out next week. Tomorrow morning I think I will be getting some things done in the sewing room. I hope to finish the 2nd border on my next SFRR2 project and then I need to make 4 5-inch fall blocks for another swap so that should be pretty quick. Then I need to work on three minis for October. Two are for the 'theme of the month' which is Out of the Box which means they are not supposed to be square or rectangular. I have a plan for one of those and a possibility for the other. Then I also have a 'plain jane' mini to make so I will need to get cracking! My final swap projects is for DQS5. That swap is still open as of this moment so if you are interested in being a part of it follow the link and join up. That one I can't really get started on yet since I won't know who my partner is for a week or so. Also, the quilt isn't due to be mailed until December 1 so it is probably going to be on my November list too!

Had my yearly physical today. The best news is that I lost 16 pounds since last September. In actuality, I probably lost most of it painting my house the last couple of months! That can really take it out of you! I had a wart removed from my right ring finger (on the pad of the tip) so that is a bit painful. I might have to stop hand-quilting and work on my Cathedral Window again as it isn't quite as hard on the hands!

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