Friday, October 31, 2008

Log cabins and baby carriers

I finished the 20 log cabin blocks on Tuesday but that is as far as I have gotten with that project this week. I played around with options for laying those out and there are some great designs. These are not 'traditional' log cabin blocks in that instead of using light and dark with all the same width strips, I used 1.5" colored strips and 1" black strips. You can see all of the layouts I came up with on flickr. It really adds a twist to the traditional! I need to make more blocks to get even a lap quilt but I don't know how big I want to go yet. Maybe until I run out of either my black or the blue centers. These blocks are 9" and will finish at 8.5".

Wednesday I spent almost the whole day running around. I got a lot done but not in the sewing room!

Yesterday I put together 2 baby carriers for a shower I went to last night for my friend Nadine's daughter. One carrier was for the daughter that is expecting her first in February and the other was for her sister who had her first in July (I wasn't able to go to her shower in June so I decided to make up for it). When she opened the gift she wasn't too sure what it was but I did a demonstration and they were both much more excited after that. I hope they get a lot of use out of them for these babies and any subsequent babies!

Today I am going to get my Out of the Darkness quilt in the mail to the quilter and then I think I will work on more log cabin blocks in between getting some bread made.

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ROZ said...

Well, those are really artistic blocks. I like how you made a circular design.