Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another wedding quilt and another baby quilt

My niece (my brother's daughter) emailed a couple of weeks ago that she is expecting her 4th baby so I am starting to think about a quilt for her/him. I am personally hoping for a girl since she has three boys already! I will need to have it ready sometime around the beginning of May. I ordered a pattern today from Clotilde that I thought was cute so that might be it.

Another niece (my husband's brother's daughter) is getting married in June so I am starting to think about a quilt for her also. I am thinking something in this color scheme. Not sure what pattern I will use yet but I would like it to be more scrappy than not. Any ideas?

I got my names for the 6"-12" Mini Swap for November. I will be doing one with words (our theme) and one plain jane. I had a great idea for the word mini and got started and realized when I had the first letter done that it was backwards - I forgot about the whole mirror image thing when you are paper piecing!!!! Frustrating, but I snapped out of it and climbed back on that horse and now have 3 letters done correctly and I think it will be very cool! Hopefully my partner thinks so too!

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