Friday, November 7, 2008

Incommunicado again!

My daughter arrived on Tuesday afternoon with my two adorable grandkids so time on the computer was limited to checking email and reading blogs. I also got no sewing done to speak of. I did help Chelsea with cutting out and sewing of her wool coat but mostly with advise, etc. - no actual sewing! For being a new seamstress and quilter she is really coming into her own. Not afraid to tackle most things. You can check out her new crafting/sewing/quilting blog here.

Today will be spend washing sheets, towels, etc. and getting the house back in order. I also have a fun lunch date with two friends.

The weather here has been very rainy so I have not done anymore raking, though there are now lots more leaves that need raking!

I hope I will get lots of sewing done over the weekend but "the best laid plans..."

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