Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lest you think I am a slacker

Since the computer isn't in the sewing room anymore I am not as good about posting what I am up to in there!

On Saturday I got the borders on my daughter's king-size t-shirt quilt and got a back put together. I also got the back made for my Out of the Darkness quilt. I am mailing that off to my friend to machine quilt this week some time. The t-shirt quilt I will be machine quilting myself once I have a day that I can devote to getting it basted. That will involve laying it out on the great room floor when no one will be around to step on it!

I got the log cabin lap quilt machine quilted with my philodendron design on Friday and got the binding on over the weekend so it is a beginning of a stock pile of quilts for sale, gifts, etc. This isn't a great picture but it is what I have for now!

After I had the backs done on Saturday I started going through my scrap drawers looking for anything I could use for 1 1/2" strips for more log cabin blocks. I finished sorting and cutting on Sunday and had quite a pile ready to use. Yesterday morning I woke up with a plan for the next log cabin quilt and got going on 20 blocks. I had too many errands to do yesterday to finish them so I hope to do that today and then I can post a picture of those first 20 blocks. I will need to make more blocks for this project and then I still have lots of strips left for more log cabin options.

I am nearly done with the hand quilting on the SFRR2 quiltlet and once it is done I will wash it with the two log cabin quilts and then I can get two more swap items in the mail - WooHoo!


Nan said...

You have definitely been a very busy quilter! I love the log cabin quilt!

ROZ said...

Let me get this straight--a humungus t-shirt quilt? Wow.

Not Lucy said...

yes, a humungus t-shirt quilt! I think it will be next week before I get it basted!