Monday, December 10, 2012

9 Owls Flying

I am so excited! I got the 9 owl hats in the mail this morning! So happy to have them done. I even have three more ready for eyes, beak, etc. Meanwhile, I haven't gotten a whole lot else done! 

I have started working on the business computer work and I have done some cleaning around the house. Today I cleaned up the grandkid's room. It is ready for Christmas company. A few items went up in the attic and while up there I looked through some old frames I have and found some surprises. One might even be a Christmas present. Unfortunately I didn't find a frame for a cute old picture I got at the bazaar. Guess I have to go shopping! 

Tomorrow is work and then a haircut, some shopping and dinner with niece, Katie. I will also be getting my completed blocks for the round robin. Should be a good day!

I hope to do a little work in the sewing room soon on a couple of Christmas gifts. I really want to get busy with some quilting! It has been a while since I did anything at all! 

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