Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quilt Block Round Robin 2010

I am organizing a Quilt Block Round Robin over on Flickr. We still have room for a couple more quilters so if you are interested please let me know. The round robin will take about a year and your commitment is to make about one block per month. I need to figure out what kind of blocks I want for that!

Also, at our last craft night at my neighbor's house we decided our next round robin is actually going to be a quilt exchange. We really like the idea of getting a finished quilt top in the end but what could be better than receiving a finished quilt? We drew names and now have until next November/December to make the quilt. I drew Linnea and she wants a scrappy quilt so that should be fun to make. I have yet to figure out what exactly I want but need to come up with a play before next Tuesday so Sally can start work on my quilt.

I just realized I am committed to two Quilt Block Round Robins this year, one completed quilt and 4-6 blocks per month in the Quilt Block Exchange. I think I am going to hold it to that so I have some time to get some things done for my self too!

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