Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's a dirty job...

Yesterday, I was 'forced' to hold this little bundle while his mommy took a shower. And then he was still sleeping so well, I had to hold him while his mommy watered her flowers. Oh, the burdens I bear for my children and grandchildren! I must say I really like having them living so close! It is so fun to see the changes in him each day!

This afternoon after work I ran some errands. One of those was to pick up some bird netting to keep the birds away from my blueberries and gooseberries. After finding the netting I took a peak at the plants and found some that I thought would work in a 'new' planter I have so I picked them up along with some garden soil to add to the planter. 

It was hot today but I was excited about the plants so I went out and cleaned out the planter, added the soil and some compost and added the plants. This planter used to be in the greenhouse that was attached to the garage but it was old and decrepit so it got torn down a few years back. Since the planter was part of the foundation and that didn't get taken out I decided I would put it to use. 
After getting things planted I was inspired to clean up the rest of the greenhouse space which meant pulling a lot of grass and weeds out. Luckily they were easy to pull. As you can see from this picture there are some portions of the cinder block foundation still in there but they can stay until we decide how to proceed. Meanwhile, we can enjoy the Black-eyed Susans, Mexican Heather and the other perennials I planted as we sit in the chairs and watch the puppy play.


MaeveM said...

The sacrifices that we must make! I did notice that your profile says grandmother of two -- Hmmmm, should that be three now? My daughter won't have a third so I may have to give up on having a red head - my sister and I are the only two in our generation and there has been only one red headed granddaughter for my cousin. I check you blog ever so often and am glad to see you have recovered from your surgery.

Unknown said...

CONGRATS! The 'new' little one is very cute!! Take a picture monthly on his 'birth day' and save to review at the next Birthday. It is neat to see the monthly changes in appearance, the sparkle in their eyes, the smile of recognition, and more. I did that with my grandson and everyone loves it! Year after year, makes for great memories!

Jeannie Williams

Tinliz said...

Beautiful little red head (I have 3 red headed grandsons) and cute puppy.

Really like your denim quilt. Would like to have pattern. My email is jitney41@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

Handsome little guy. Love your denim quilts. Someone had made one using your pattern and had tagged your blog, so you now have lots of us asking for the pattern (several in comments under your original post back in 2009 I think). I went back and read your entire blog over the past couple of days and drooled over many of your quilts, but especially the denim one. When life lets you, please send me a copy of your denim quilt pattern. retiredgijo@yahoo.com