Thursday, October 8, 2009

We still have company here on the farm so I am not getting much sewing done but I am enjoying taking it easy a bit. I am still working on getting the sod moved and I picked the rest of our apples off the tree. Today my sister-in-law and I might get some of those cut up and in the freezer for pies later this winter. I also need to get out and pick the grapes and turn them into juice before I head to the quilt retreat next week so maybe I will pick them today for processing tomorrow.

I have been working on the hand work on my round robin quilt and I am getting close to being finished. Once the quilting is done I have some pom-poms to add and I need to get some cording to finish off the Christmas lights in one border and some ornaments or buttons for the tree in the middle. It is turning out pretty cool!

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