Thursday, August 12, 2010


My posts have been few and far between recently. That is mostly because it can be hard to post something when I have no pictures of finished projects or even WIP. I am working away at the wedding quilt but last week was full of my grandkids followed by a weekend full of other family.

This week I am adding in some painting. My husband is doing repairs on the garage roof so it is ready for someone to come and put a new roof on it. He is replacing all the fascia boards all the way around so even though I painted the garage last year I get to repaint the trim this year. I will still have more to do on one side of the garage next year but it needs to be pressure washed first.

I had to take my desktop computer in to find out what was wrong with it (it needs a hard drive) so I also got my haircut while I was in town today.

Tomorrow my niece and I are heading to Fabric Depot for their monthly sale. I need a roll of batting, thread and I will, of course, get some fabric while I am there! So hopefully, I can share some pictures over the weekend.

Oh, I almost forgot! I sold two of my quilts over the weekend! Both were Christmas quilts and are now traveling around the country in my father-in-law's motor home.

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