Sunday, August 29, 2010

Still nothing too exciting

I have been busy around here but not much to show for it. Just finished a week of having my daughter and her fiance here along with my sister's youngest daughter (17) and her older sister (just part of the week). My youngest niece, Brita, and I were busy in the yard and got two large sections of grass turned into nicely barked areas. This involved using a rented sod-cutter, hauling said sod, digging up the sod that the sod-cutter couldn't get, laying down landscape cloth and spreading the 7 yards of bark around. We were very lucky that my wonderful neighbor brought over his tractor and moved the bark from the pile to the areas we wanted it. One of the new spaces has three trees planted in it and a fence around to keep the deer out and the other surrounds some small plum trees that have been there a long time and my small raised bed garden area. Here is the one across the driveway from the house.IMG_8186
And this is the one further from the house with the trees.
Brita and I also picked some blackberries and did a few other jobs around here but after all her hard work I took her to the county fair, for a pedicure, garage sale-ing and she even got to come along for wedding apparel shopping.

Before this batch of company came my husband and I went to a few garage sales and got two old dressers that I am going to be using in my sewing room. I need to rearrange because I ordered my new quilting machine and it should arrive tomorrow so things need to change. I took down my big sewing cabinet and it will go to my sister and in it's place will be the two dressers. I also have to take out the computer desk and computer and probably some other stuff that just needs to go away! I hope to have some pictures of that makeover tomorrow or Tuesday.

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ROZ said...

Lovely garden! Looks like a lot of work, though