Thursday, September 2, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Sewing Room Edition

One of the activities around our house last week was my daughter and her fiance working on the little house. They got the skylight in and the roof on. Then, on Saturday, my husband hitched it up to the Suburban and towed it out by the 'barn' so if they decide to haul it to wherever they will be living after the wedding it will be accessible. You see, once the rain starts our field is impassable.
Moving the Little House
We also celebrated my niece's 30th birthday. Her request was a Pirate Barbie cake. After some resistance I caved and this is the result.
Pirate Barbie birthday cake
On Sunday, my husband, my niece and I took my sewing cabinet off the wall. My brother-in-law made it originally for my mother and when we sold her house I took it and have used it for about 10 years. Now it will go to my sister's house as she has room in her sewing room. It is heavy and huge so it is taking up space in the guest room until we load it in our trailer to take across the state along with some other furniture. You can see a picture of it
here. In its place are two dressers we found at two garage sales a week or so ago.
Sewing room redo
You can see that I have some wall space above the dressers for something but I haven't decided what yet.
Sewing room redo
Here is a picture of all the stuff from the sewing cabinet all over my sewing table and various bins and boxes of fabric and projects on the floor in front of it.
sewing room redo
This is an after picture of the same area. Most of the baskets on the table need to be integrated into the rest of the house over the next few weeks/months!
sewing room redo
And here is a picture of the reason for all of this rearranging - my new quilting machine! I have tested it out but I haven't had time to quilt something but maybe later today or tomorrow morning.
sewing room redo

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