Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crazy times!

Last week there was much going on though not much sewing. I spent three days outside working on fall clean-up type stuff and then the rain started so I did spend some time in the sewing room. I pulled out some leftover HSTs I got from someone else, added a few squares of fabric from my stash and created this little quilt. It still needs a border but it will make a nice little lap quilt for someone.

I finished that off on Thursday morning in the midst of preparing for a road trip with my hubby. We loaded up our utility trailer with the sewing cabinet/table I took out of my sewing room and various furniture and appliances for our daughter and her fiance. We drove about 7 hours to my sister's on Thursday and dropped off the sewing cabinet/table there and enjoyed the evening with my sister, BIL and my slave/niece.

In the morning after a bit more visiting and packing in a few things from them that needed transporting, we headed south to our daughter and almost SIL's little cabin on the lake to drop off furniture for them. They were very excited to almost have their little home furnished with what we brought. We met their landlords who are just the sweetest people you could meet. They were nice enough to let us leave the trailer there for the weekend.

We then headed further south to see our oldest daughter, SIL and grandkids. We had a few things for them also and they had some things for us to take back up to the little cabin. We took our son out for breakfast at the Old European in Pullman and also picked up our nephew who goes to neighboring University of Idaho. We did a little shopping and then dropped the boys back off at their respective housing and headed back to our daughter's. I was 'forced' to take a nap with the little one and then we went tail-gating at UofI with our daughter's co-workers.

Sunday morning we headed back north fairly early, dropped off some things and picked up the trailer and started heading home. We stopped at Cabela's on the way and while hubby looked at guy stuff I checked out the jackets since I needed one. I found one I liked and took it right out of the bag as we left the store, took off the tags and didn't have to worry about getting wet in the downpour on the way to the car. It was a long drive home with quite a few heavy rain/thunder showers towing the trailer but we made it safe and sound (physically anyway).

I hope today I will get the borders on that little quilt and I might just get a quilt sandwiched so I can play with my new toy.

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