Saturday, October 16, 2010

one top done

Here is the top I made for my cousin in North Dakota. She said she wanted green but that brown and tan were okay too.This pattern comes from Judy Martin's book Scraps and is called Grandmother's Scrapbook. It was a fun one to make and turned out so well. I went to my LQS and got a back for this quilt this week so as soon as that wedding quilt is done I can think about getting this quilted.

I am working away at the wedding quilt but it is only a week until the wedding! I did finish another phase of the quilting today so it feels a bit closer to completion at least. After next Saturday I will be able to post a picture of the quilt, done or not!

I also started working on cleaning up the sewing room so it can be used as a guest room next week for my brother and his wife who are coming from West Virginia for the wedding. I sorted through all the leftovers that other quilters at the retreat last weekend dropped off at my workspace. Some will be added to my triangle collection or my scrap bin but some will be used as projects on their own. I will be spending Monday and Tuesday getting that room and the rest of the house a little tidied up in between hand quilting sessions and on Wednesday I head out to get thing ready for the big day.


Crystal Hendrix said...

Holy Cow! So pretty! I really like the different colors!

ROZ said...

What a lovely quilt, so much work went into it