Monday, June 6, 2011

Recovering slowly!

Here is the purple quilt. It is all finished and I will be delivering it tomorrow. The pattern is called Grandma's Scrapbook from Judy Martin's book Scraps.
I tried a new kind of crocheted hat as we were driving across the state last weekend and got the top sewed up last Tuesday but didn't get a picture of it until yesterday! Not sure I am excited about this one but it works. I might have to try it again with adjustments.
This is the latest project I have started. It will eventually be 2' X 6' and along with several others will hang in our church. The plan right now is to have a set of green ones and also white, blue, purple and red for the seasons of the church year. They will hang on some not-so-attractive dividers that are used to hide the daycare's furnishings during worship and other church activities.
We had a great time at Relay this weekend. So many moving moments - watching all of the cancer survivors walking that first lap in their purple shirts, walking the track during the luminaria ceremony and listening to all the names read over the loudspeakers and that final lap celebrating 'more birthdays'. If any of you ever get the chance to take part in a Relay for Life event I would encourage you to do it. 

I had several smaller quilts and some other small items available for sale at the event. I sold several pillowcases but the big hit were the owl hats! I had two finished hats and both sold but I was able to keep one of them at our booth through Relay as a model and took orders for 5 more! I will be kept busy for a while with those!

I managed to get about 1 1/2 hours of sleep Friday night so I came home very tired. My hubby was very good to me and went out and got some teriyaki for dinner before I headed to bed fairly early. I am still a bit tired but at least I am functioning again!

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