Friday, May 20, 2011

The sun made me do it!

But I am not complaining! I have been wanting to get out and get some yard work done but it is hard to get motivated when it is cold and rainy! The sun finally decided to hang around this month though until this week it has only been a day or two here or there. This week I have been working on eradicating some of the weeds from my life. I think I am about 3/4 of the way around the berry garden perimeter and I have done some in the rhody/lilac/hydrangea bed. I have also used about 3 pints of white vinegar on some weeds popping up around and in the barked area. A cheap and fairly effective, non-toxic method of killing weeds. Smells a little but seems to be working. This afternoon I am enjoying having the windows open and loving the scent of the 'Mexican Orange' bush that is blooming outside the living room window! I checked my veggie beds today and my carrots, kohl rabi and chives are all up. I think I might plant my pumpkins and squash soon. I am not going to try for much more since we have had another cold spring.

On Tuesday at craft night I was able to get this picture of the purple quilt on the design wall. It is very cool and I am not a huge lover of purple!

I also took pictures of these two baby quilts that I am working on. A friend has commissioned a baby quilt for a friend who has a new baby girl and I often make two at once so I have a spare.
I have added a 1" green border and will a 4" print border also to finish them off. I ended up with 120 HSTs from the corners of the blocks so I might add some squares and make another baby quilt from the leftovers.

I hope to get some quilting done over the next few days as we are supposed to be getting some rain again, but maybe the weathermen are wrong about that?

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