Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back in the Sewing Room

I finally finished sewing triangles together! I think I ended up with 452 broken dishes blocks in various sizes. I have some other projects that need to get finished so the blocks are going back in the drawer for a while.

One project that is now on the front burner are some graduation quilts. I came up with a plan that would use up some of my precut squares. Basically it is these two blocks alternating. 

My niece, Katie, used up some of her scraps making a quilt like this and I liked how it turned out. I started out counting my 2.5" squares knowing I would need 628 squares to make a nice size quilt. When I was done counting I had just a few over that number! I moved on to the 3" squares and again had just a few over what I needed! I made one of each block from each size squares to make sure I had calculated the strip sizes and then kitted up two quilts. Here are the 2.5" squares and their strips.
Then I started thinking about my 2" squares. I had quite a few but I didn't think I had enough to make the same type of quilt in a similar size but I counted them up and then got to thinking that I could make them into 16-patch blocks and then border the blocks with strips, using 2 contrasting colors on alternating blocks. I need something like 1008 squares for that so I started counting out those squares. I only had around 500 but I had quite a few 4" squares so I cut those into 2" squares and ended up with just a few more than I figured I needed. Here they are in a basket and I have started sewing them up as leaders and enders ala Bonnie Hunter.

This is what is left in the drawer that was almost full of precut squares! Pretty exciting to have so few left!
In other news, I continue to work on Owl Hats I have several that just need their faces sewn on and they will be done. Just need to sit down and do that. Maybe next week at craft night I will get them finished? 

My daughter and her husband (here for his 'home time' this week) now have 6 of the 7 windows installed in their little house and are doing some thinking about lighting since wiring will be one of the next steps. If you are interested in reading more about their little house and seeing more pictures check out her blog.

I managed to get a little mowing done today between rain showers. I had to get the yard inside the fence done so Miss Lucy could find a place to potty without getting her tummy all wet from the tall grass! That went pretty fast so I strapped on Lucy's pouch and we rode the big mower around for an hour or so also. Here is a picture of us taken a couple of weeks ago.
Lucy is so excited when I am putting on the pouch and loves riding around with me, frequently taking naps even!

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