Monday, April 23, 2012

Gorgeous Weekend!

The weather allowed me to spend some time in the sewing room last week. I turned 2" squares into strips of 4 squares...
 ...and then into 16-patch blocks which I framed...
 ...and then put them together to make this quilt. 
The weather improved on Saturday but I finished the quilt and got the picture before heading out to help hubby work on my new garden shed. Here he is working on the floor. We got the floor all framed up and in the afternoon hubby and SIL headed out to get the flooring.
Forty percent of the floor was screwed/nailed down on Saturday and by the time I was home from church yesterday, hubby had the rest finished. Floor paint was purchased and I got the first coat of 'battleship grey' on the floor. The sun is supposed to stay around so I will get a second coat done today.
When I wasn't needed to help with the floor I got some mowing, weed-eating and weeding done. I also pruned the blackberry patch. 

While we worked on that #2 daughter and SIL were finishing up the exterior of their little house on wheels. All 7 windows are in, the siding is all fixed around the windows and the finishing touches are done on the roof. That was their goal for this 'home time' for SIL who is a long haul trucker. He was back in his truck early Sunday morning and heading south.

Last evening we ordered the 'garage door' for the shed. It will be about 3 weeks before that is delivered and in that time we will be working on getting the walls and roofed framed up. We also went 'shopping' out in the 'cow barn' for a window for the end wall and picked out an old wooden window that came out of our garage. 

Today besides the painting I hope to finish weeding the strawberries and maybe I will get my geraniums potted up on the deck. Then I can spend some time in the sewing room.

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