Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Retreat Report

Had a great time at quilt retreat this past weekend. I had a total of three quilt tops cut out and had a few other projects I could work on. Everything was packed in the car and I headed across the state. Luckily, the weather was beautiful for the drive. 

One of our church's former members moved to Idaho to be closer to her niece and is in a skilled nursing facility. I didn't realize that she was so close to where I go to my quilt retreats but when I did I decided that I needed to stop in and see her. She was so happy to see someone from home and I was so glad I drove those extra miles to see her.

Spent the first night at my sister's new house and then in the morning we headed to the camp. Once my sewing station was set up I got started on my first project, a baby quilt for my cousin's new granddaughter. It is the same pattern I used for my niece's new baby girl that was born last December.
I finished the top before heading to bed the first night. Our devotion theme for the weekend was God's Butterfly Effect so my quilt top had a place of honor on the podium in front of the fireplace.

The next morning I pulled out all the strips and squares that I cut for the other two quilt tops. I decided I would work on both tops at the same time. I got both centers done by bedtime the second night.
I started on the borders on Saturday morning and worked hard at it but just didn't finish the 120 blocks needed so I packed them up and will get the last few strips on the last blocks this week maybe and get the borders on so I can share the finished tops with all of you. 

Another project I need to work on is mittens for the grandkids. My grandson asked for a new pair of mittens a couple of weeks ago and of course I said yes. He wants green and black. I have the crocheting done so they just need to be sewn up. I am also making a yellow and green pair for the granddaughter. I have the first one crochet and should have the second one done tonight and then I can get both pairs sewn up.

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