Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Frame Quilt

I have been working on several things the last few days - one of which is a secret for now so no pictures until it is revealed to its recipient. I have also been working on putting together my 1.5" square collection. That is a hand sewing job for craft nights and while watching TV. Here is what I have done so far. I am first putting together little strips of 4 squares. When I have a few more put together I will put those together into 16-patch squares and then put them together into a quilt top. Not sure about sashing between the squares yet but that decision is a long way off!

Finally, since I got my next step of the Spring Fling Round Robin in the mail and also my Spring edition of the Four Seasons Quilt Swap off to its new home I can now think about getting going on my effort for Doll Quilt Swap III. This second picture is what I am thinking about right now. It is the leftovers from the border of the wedding quilt my sister and I are making for our niece. This will be similar to my little froggy quiltlet, but I am not sure exactly what will go in the middle. I do have ideas however. If I don't like how it turns out (or I like it too well) I might have to come up with another idea. 

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ROZ said...

Well, I really admire you for hand sewing the little blocks together. And they are so colorful, too.