Tuesday, April 22, 2008

lots goin' on

As I said in my last post, I was getting antsy to put some of my 16-patch blocks together. I decided I would use various neutrals for the sashing strips so I can add more fabrics in if needed as more blocks get done. As you can see, I don't have that last seam finished but I have been working on other things...

On Friday the mail brought my next round of the Spring Fling Round Robin. I have the machine sewing done but have quite a bit of hand-sewing to do yet. I think it will turn out well.

Yesterday I got my two Hawaiian print flimsies pin basted and I am about half way on the quilting of one of them. Since I machine quilt standing up at my sewing table I can only quilt so much before my legs and feet start complaining! I am hoping I can finish quilting the two tops before the weekend.

This weekend DH and I are heading over to our daughter's house. We have a van full of things for their home: a freezer, a used kitchen cabinet we got from a customer, a playpen, a computer, a small metal table and, of course, lots of lovin' for the grandson! Should be a fun weekend, though I will be missing the dinner/auction that I donated three quilts to.

I got emails from my two oldest nieces yesterday. The oldest is needing new diapers and since I 'made' some for our grandson she wondered if I would make some for her son. My technique for making diapers is quite involved: buy a bolt of diaper flannel, cut it into squares, serge the raw edges and, oh, wait, that was it! I am looking into the cost of a bolt of diaper flannel and how many diapers that will make and what the cost of shipping is and we will see if I make them or if she just orders the flannel and hems the edges.

The second oldest niece invited me to a showing of HMS Pinafore on Thursday evening! She has access to some free tickets and we will meet for dinner before. It will be fun to get caught up with her busy life! I might even go into town early and get a pedicure (pretty toenails might just inspire the weather to move closer to summer - we actually had snow this weekend!).


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! They'll look absolutely lovely as a finished quilt. Enjoy the process of making them.

ROZ said...

I really like that quilt. And you'll be singing "I'm called Little Buttercup" for days. Have fun.

Not Lucy said...

I don't think I have ever seen HMS Pinafore but I know we went through a phase when we were kids singing 'Buttercup"