Saturday, June 30, 2007


Since I took two off my UFO/WIP list yesterday I figured I would add two back on with these two quilt tops.

I think I will put these in the What Was I Thinking column. Or maybe the Caught Up In The Heat Of The Moment? Too Much Shop Hopping?

The story is that Katie and I were out Shop Hopping - probably in 2003. At one shop they had some quilts made from Hawaiian prints and they had charm packs. And for some reason I was inspired to buy a charm pack.

Anyway, I brought the charm pack home and whipped up these two quilt tops. Looking back, I don't think I have ever been terribly excited about them but they are what they are. I think that I will get an appropriate backing and get them machine quilted so that they are ready for whatever their fate.

Maybe I will even get that done this summer. But first I have a baby quilt to get put together before September and I ordered some fabric for that last night.


ktdodat said...

I think they had something to do with someone who you were going to give them to... I didn't realize you ever made them, I assumed they were still in a big pile of 6 inch squares somewhere.

Not Lucy said...

I guess I just wasn't too proud of how they turned out. It might be better with quilting!

Marisa said...

These look very cool with the black. It makes those colors really stand out.

Not Lucy said...

Thanks Marisa!

Anonymous said...

I think they are good - at least in the pictures - how big are they?

Not Lucy said...

They are each about 50" X 50". When I am ready to finish them off I might border them with whatever I back them with but it will depend on how that looks.