Friday, June 29, 2007


So what do you do with all those leftover triangles you get when you make half square triangles or snowball blocks or flying geese blocks?

Well, some people just toss them, others give them to their kids to play with, some people use them for collages,etc. I am just wondering how many of you save them? And if you save them, do you end up using them? I confess I am one of those that saves and uses. In fact, I save triangles that friends would just throw away.

This first quilt was made from the leftovers of a quilt in which each block was a 3" square with a 2" triangle in one corner. Instead of just cutting off the leftover triangles, I made another seam about 1/2" from the first seam and cut between them so the triangles were already sewn together.

The leftover quilt in the second photo was made from triangles that my friend, Linnea, had sewn together in the process of making this beauty. She was going to use them but when she looked at the 1" squares she decided that was insane so she gave them to me. Evidently she knew I was crazy enough to use them! I trimmed them all and then put them together into various traditional blocks. The border is also made from leftovers. These are from a 'strip' quilt that my friend, Sally, gets to claim as a UFO/WIP.

This last picture is of the doll quilt I made leftover triangles from my quilting friend, Nadine. She recently put together a quilt top using reproduction fabrics and the beautiful blue solid. On Tuesday evening, when Nadine, Linnea and I congregated in Sally's craft room for our weekly craft/laugh/chat fest, Nadine gave me the leftovers and yesterday I put then together into this little quilt.

So this is my latest UFO/WIP but I hope to finish it in the next few days as soon as I get a repro fat quarter and some more of the blue for binding.

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luv Abby said...

Hi Alicia,
How awesome!! I am a recycled fabric addict.... I make some of my babies clothes from my man's old owrk clothes...hehe... what fantastic wuilts you have made outta left overs.... wonderful...
luv Abby