Friday, June 1, 2007

When I realize my life is not that exciting...

Here you can see what I have been working on in the sewing room. Getting rid of the pile of scraps and making crazy quilt blocks. I have a total of 19 10.5" blocks made and enough scraps to make hundreds more! I will keep plugging away. They may end up as some of my foster graduation quilts next year.

I am on the call committee at church so that is keeping me busy. We have received 4 names and are in the reference checking stage. We will then move on to interviewing the candidates. I have the duty of checking the 4 references for one of the candidates and so far have only talked with one person. This is a fairly daunting task - for the call committee and for me personally. I will persevere.

Went for a walk around my garden space and so far none of the seeds is sprouting for sure though I might have one or two kohl rabi sprouts peeking through. The strawberries are perking up and looking like they will live. I would guess that next year I will have a good crop. The raspberries are alive with the buzzing of bees so there should be a decent crop if I can find them amongst the tall grass that is growing up in there. I need to get in there and whack that back some if I can't get in and weed it for real. My six little blueberry bushes have little berries even if they are rather weed infested also.

The kittens are growing and getting stronger. One mama really doesn't like them stretching their legs outside their little 'compound' so she tries to herd them back or move them to some 'safer' place like under the freezer. They are all so very cute and the boys think we should keep at least one, though more would be better. Whatever our final count of cats, all will be spayed or neutered this time.

Went to the doctor yesterday for my annual physical. It turns out I am pretty healthy. Larry is not impressed that I actually have low cholesterol since his is fairly high. I am pleased because it means I don't have to radically change my eating habits.

I lead a fairly boring life but I have to say I much prefer that to drama all the time!

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