Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dresden Plate

It has been a busy few days for me so I have not been posting but it is time to 'fess up to another UFO/WIP. This one was one of those projects that someone else passes on to you that they don't want to finish. I have several of those. This one is getting closer to completion in that it just needs to be hand quilted. The blocks were given to me by a neighbor who had gotten an antique Dresden Plate quilt at a garage sale or someplace like that. The original muslin backing was very work so she took it apart and cut about 1/2" around each appliquéd plate. She then started re-appliquéing the plates onto muslin squares. She was maybe a third done when she passed it off to me several years ago.
I needed some handwork a year or so ago and started working on the appliquéing and finished all the plates. I had to repair a few that were very work using some old fabrics that I have in my stash. Then I took a few of the blocks with me on a road trip to Fabric Depot and found some appropriate sashing and setting block fabrics. I got the top put together at a quilt retreat and when I got home I added some borders. I am quite pleased with the result as is Lucy:I think that the quilt ended up being close to queen size but I am not sure.

I am close to finishing my doll quilt for the swap and even the second one I am making like it for myself. Tonight I will finish the binding and add the label so maybe I can get it in the mail tomorrow or Thursday. Then, after a couple of days I will post a picture for all to see. It is turning out quite nicely, even if I do say so myself!

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luv Abby said...

Hi Alicia...
Well done on the progress of your doll quilt... sadly mine isnt progressing as fast.... I think I have a bit of quilters block... if thats possible for a first time quilter...hehe...
cant wait for the sneak peak of yours..
luv Abby