Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Crisis finally averted!

I stayed home yesterday so I could get Jakob to a doctor's appointment. I almost went crazy though because I couldn't get online on my computer! It started Sunday evening, I just didn't get a wireless signal in my sewing room. The boys both tried to get things working last night but to no avail. Finally, this morning it suddenly started working! Not sure what the story is but it is frustrating that mine is the computer that always loses the signal!
The good news from yesterday is that I got another UFO a little further along. I pulled out my row by row quilt and got it sandwiched and pinned. I decided I would do some machine quilting in between the rows and in the border and then I will hand quilt more detail into the rows. I got the machine part done yesterday and even put the binding on by machine so it is ready for me to haul out the quilting frame and do the hand work. It is exciting to be finishing up projects. I think I am almost into positive territory in that I have finished more projects than I have started this year! Probably the first time that has happened in years! One of the next things I need to do is inventory all those UFOs and figure out what to finish next - unless I decide to start something new!

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