Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Add one and take one off the list

Today I will add another UFO/WIP to the list but since I finished one of the two doll quilts I can take one off so it isn't quite so bad. I am adding to my list a baby quilt. The top has been finished for close to two years because it was one of three I made at the same time. The other two were finished and one was given to my niece's second son and the second was given to my first grandchild eighteen months ago.

I bought the pattern many years ago because I thought it was so cute. Then I started collecting bug fabrics for the jars. One of the jars contains VW bugs because I have always like them and I drive one. When I first bought the pattern I didn't realize that the snail, frog, beetle, etc. were paper pieced so that was a rude surprise since paper piecing is not my favorite thing to do. I do like the way paper piecing turns out though so I am forcing myself to do more of it for special quilts. I was very happy with how the quilts turned out and who knows, someday I might even get the third one finished!


Quilting Pirate said...

Congrats on another finished UFO!!

Chelsea said...

Hmm... looks familiar.