Friday, June 8, 2007

New Digs

We decided it was time for the kittens to move off the deck. They are now in The Cat House (aka The Bike Shed). The moms are not totally sure about it all but so far they haven't moved them elsewhere. Here they have room to play and we can have food down for them and Lucy can't eat it and they can start exploring the real world. I gave the babies a foil pie plate with food in milk and a couple of them even tried eating some. The mommas really like the milk addition! The only thing left to do is put a tarp over the roof so it doesn't rain in there tomorrow!

In other news, we now have a working screen door - with screens! That means we can leave one door open for Lucy to go outside on her own (if she decides to put out the effort instead of having one of her slaves open a door for her).

I also now have 47 crazy quilt blocks done. I need to do some sorting of the scraps so it is easier to do more blocks because it is getting down to much smaller stuff that is left. That is probably my next step though I am tempted to get a couple of quilts basted this evening. One for machine quilting and one for hand quilting. We shall just have to wait and see what gets done, won't we? But first, I need to go mix up some banana bread.


Rebecca said...

i love banana bread.

Not Lucy said...

I know you do. I was going to send you some but I made it too late on Friday. Next time I have overripe bananas you will get some, I promise. Well, as long as I can keep Jakob away from it (he discovered he likes it now too).