Thursday, June 21, 2007

UFOs and WIPs

I have decided that I need to inventory my UFOs and WIPs. Not sure how I would define these or differentiate between the two titles but I know I have a lot! I think I will start with those that are closest to completion so that would be my 2003 Shop Hop Quilt. The Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop happens each June. My nieces Katie, Brita and I went on our first hopin 2002 and I have been each year since except last year. The 2007 Shop Hop is going on right now and I went to 6 shops yesterday and may or may not go to more today or later this weekend. The idea is that you get your 'passport' and at each shop you get it stamped and the shop gives you the pattern and three fabrics for you to use in their block. Some shops have finishing kits available for their blocks also. Each block is supposed to end up as an 8 1/2" block (this doesn't always happen due to pattern errors or quilter error, however). Anyway, Katie and I went to 39 shops in 2003 but I only used 35 for the top and there is one that will be the label on the back. The other three blocks must have been deemed not worth making either because they were ugly or the directions were too sketchy! The 'box' block is waiting for me to find a certain button that will turn it into a Jack in the Box. The button is navy with a smiley face and was in my mom's button can when I was a kid. It is somewhere in my sewing room, but where, I don't know!

Anyway, I got this back from my good friend, Deb, in Montana, who quilted it on her long arm, on Tuesday, and now I am working on finishing up the hand stitching on the binding while watching TV in the evenings and when that is done I will work on the label. So as you can see, this UFO/WIP is very close to completion!

Stay tuned for more UFO/WIPs as the days go by. This one is only 4 years in the limbo that is my sewing room. I have some that have been lost for up to 30 years or more!

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