Monday, May 28, 2007

Another tank loaded

I worked in the sewing room this morning finishing the quilting the top I made for South Kitsap Relay for Life next weekend and getting bindings on that and three other quilts. Then I decided I should get outside and do something so I got my second stock tank in the ground and filled with dirt and I planted zucchini and kohl rabi in it. I also planted 6 or 7 hills of pole beans inside the deer fence with the berries. I was excited to see that my blueberry bushes have little baby berries on them this year. Not lots but enough for a taste. Knowing Jakob we will only get a few - he is worse than the birds!
When I was done in the yard the momma cats wanted to be fed and while they ate I watched the babies. They are getting braver and are coming further out of the box. One especially spent time by my foot. Lucy wanted to play with the babies but I don't think they are quite ready for that yet!

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