Sunday, May 20, 2007

Just In The Nick Of Time

I remembered today to email someone about the foster graduation quilts to find out if they still needed quilts and when they needed them. It turns out the celebration is tomorrow so I was just in time. I only had 10 done but that is better than nothing. Fred (the contact) came over to get them and before he got here I managed to finish the last couple of feet of the binding on one more so I could give him 11. The rest will be seed for next year I guess.
Fred said that the idea to give out quilts to foster kids who are graduating in our state started out in our county about 8 years ago. First it was just Kitsap County but then it spread to Pierce County as the two counties make up a region together. Now other counties in the state are getting started with it. Fred also told me that in Washington State only about 38% of foster kids graduate from high school and only 1% go on to college so it shows what a major accomplishment it is for them. This is my 4th year to donate quilts sending 10 the first year, 11 the next, 26 two years later and 11 this year. If anyone else who reads this is interested in making quilts for foster graduates, please let me know. They don't have to be fancy or huge. Mine are mostly about 52" X 56" and are made from denim. Rag quilts would be great, also.

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