Monday, May 7, 2007

Coming out of the woodwork!

I am feeling better again. Don't know what I had but I am glad it is over! It is good I am feeling better since we were very busy at work. We started with 7 calls and ended up going to at least nine! Tomorrow we have 7 scheduled also and we will get more phone calls. All in all, people are being pretty understanding about us being gone Wednesday through Friday and we already have 3 calls scheduled for next week!

Talked with Rebecca this evening and figured out what we need to bring of her stuff. Now I just need to get it packed up with our stuff. She will be flying to Sitka tomorrow and we go the next day.

The weather was beautiful today. It was still 66 degrees at 8:40 pm! I went out and rode the tiller through the lower garden area so maybe Chelsea, Oli, Jakob and Layden will get my strawberries transplanted down there while I am in Sitka. That would be awesome! Lucy was very good as I tilled. She sat and watched me go back and forth and didn't wander off until I had the tiller put away.

I finished one more of the quilts today so I am up to 6 now. I hope to get at least one more finished before we leave.

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