Saturday, May 26, 2007

Moving Day

This morning I noticed that the cats looked awfully crowded in their little box nest. See how crowded it was with just one momma (this one is Windex) and the eight babies in there:So I suggested to the boys that they needed a bigger box and they went out and got one right away - before breakfast! They moved the kittens and then moved the boxes around which upset the mommas. Tucci went off the deck and Windex kept trying to move the babies. I was finally able to get her settled down and nursing in the new nest and then Tucci came back after a potty break and joined them. They seem to have accepted it now, as you can see (this one is Tucci):If anyone is interested only four have been spoken for so far so if you want one just let us know and you will be on the list.


Rebecca said...

so are they both having babies or are they both being mothers?

Not Lucy said...

They both had babies since they are both nursing them but they both gave birth within a day or two of each other.