Sunday, May 6, 2007

Darth Jakob

I am just not feeling quite myself today. Not really bad just a little puny. I worked a bit on the quilts. I finished off another one and got backs ready for all of the denim ones and have 5 pinned and ready to quilt (I ran out of pins or I would have done more). I also got all the extra backing fabric put away so the room is looking a bit better.

I also took care of paperwork stuff. I got all my bank statements and credit card statements tidied up along with all the deposit/withdrawal receipts and credit card receipts cleaned out. It has probably been 6 months since I really did a good job of it!

Larry should be home from the commissary soon so I will help get things put away and work on making dinner and then it will be time to work on bindings with my feet up.

I also got Norton installed and updated on both of my computers. Of course, the boy's response to that is that Mac OS X is a much better anti virus program but it will take more than that to convince me to step over to the dark side!

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