Saturday, May 12, 2007


Larry and I made it safely to Sitka, got our luggage and car and found our little girl. The weather has been somewhat rainy but today we have had sun so we were able to do a little more outside. To recap our time up here so far:
Wednesday: arrived, had dinner, found the B&B and checked in and drove to one end of the road.This is the view of Swan Lake and Sitka from our bedroom window.Thursday: went to the Raptor Center, chocolate factory, whale park and the other end of the road.Then we went to the quilt show and the museum in the same building. Larry and I went to the Sheldon Jackson Museum while Rebecca was rehearsing for graduation. Attended a BBQ at one of Becca's friend's home and went to Baccalaureate.
Friday: got Rebecca graduated and went to the reception following. We all took afternoon naps and then went on a cruise. We saw both a grey whale and a humpback whale blow and fluke. Pretty cool! Also saw sea otters and a sea lion or seal.
Today: We walked over to Totem Park and on the trail through the park. We also went part of the way up Harbor Mountain and to the north end of the road just checking things out some more. Right now Larry is napping in the car and Rebecca is napping here in her room.
In news from home, Jakob was excited to report that we have 8 kittens now. Chelsea is also excited about them and Layden is interested also. We are looking forward to seeing them tomorrow when we get home (not just the kitties but Jakob, Chelsea, Oli and Layden also).

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