Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Day Off - NOT!

I must have answered 20 pages today and made 30-40 phone calls to customers, Larry and the parts store along with a trip to Tacoma to return parts. In between I did manage to get 5 loads of laundry folded, rearranged the sewing room so I can get back to quilting, bought and potted up about 80 little plants, transplanted three small trees and got the flowerbeds watered. Not bad, I guess, but it didn't feel like a day off! All in all, my yard is looking better all the time. Today Jakob and I discovered that the white azalea of Mom's that has come back to life smells amazing! I thought it was one of the lilac bushes but it is the azalea - I am very glad it came back to life!

Tomorrow I hope to get denim tops quilted and ready to hand sew the bindings in between getting Lucy to and from the groomer. That will make me happy!

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