Saturday, April 12, 2008

No big news

I have been sewing but don't have any completed things to show. This is the stack of Road to Jericho blocks I have done so far. The first batch was 21 blocks and this morning I finished up another 44. I must have another 50-60 blocks left to sew - not sure exactly. I am also not sure exactly whether they will be made into one big quilt or 2-3 smaller quilts.

I got a label on a baby quilt for a friend's granddaughter. I hope to deliver that this next week and get a chance to hold the baby!

While watching TV I continue to hand sew the little 1.5" squares together into strips and then into 16 patch blocks. So far I have 24 blocks together and strips for at least 25 more blocks. That means I have put together more than 800 little squares so far and I have just scratched the surface. I have tentatively named this project Ludvina's Legacy after my Aunt Lou who originally gave me most of the squares.


Marie said...

Why are you hand sewing Aunt Lou's blocks together? You normally machine piece your quilts together, so I thought.

Not Lucy said...

I do usually machine piece but I am hand piecing for something to do while watching TV, etc. I enjoy hand work and this will probably be the only quilt that will be completely hand done, including quilting someday. Also, they are all 1.5" and a pain to machine sew.

ROZ said...

I love it! You're making the blocks without a plan. Now, that's artistic freedom.